"A healthy, beautiful smile is a wonderful thing that everyone should have. I love being a dentist and having the ability to give my patients excellent, quality dental care in a friendly, caring manner.  Every patient is treated as though they are a member of my own family."   

Dr. Trent Graves

Dr. Graves strives to listen to his patients to ensure that they are happy and confident in their dental health.  This means a strong emphasis on preventative care, and identifying and resolving potential problems before they become more severe.  In addition to listening to his patient's needs, Dr. Graves uses all of the available current technologies to describe to his patients what may be affecting their optimal dental health and potential treatment options.  Informed patients are a top priority.

We also understand that our patients have demanding jobs, are business owners, parents, and students, and that some of our patients need extra assistance in making their way to our office. In scheduling appointments, we try our best to take into account your personal needs and find a time that will work best with your schedule.