Dr. Graves is a strong believer in preventative dental care.  Our goal is to identify risk factors or small problems, and correct them before they become big problems. The best way to catch problems early is through regular dental visits and cleanings.

Just as every person is different, each person's health and dental health are unique. Some people may be more prone to gum disease or have a higher rate of developing cavities.  Some people are managing other health issues that may affect their dental health. We evaluate your unique needs and work with you to obtain your best smile.

Your smile is often the first thing that others notice about you.

Enhancing your smile may provide dramatic, life-changing results that can positively impact your self-image and the way others perceive you.  Gaps, chips, crooked, unattractive, or discolored teeth can all be restored to give you a beautiful and natural looking smile that reflects confidence, youthfulness, friendliness, and good health.  Many smile enhancements can be completed in one visit.

  • We offer a full array of cosmetic and general dentistry services ranging from life-changing smile makeovers to comprehensive preventative care for the entire family.

  • We have computers in every room and utilize digital technology to show you potential problems and discuss treatment options.

  • We use only high-quality digital x-rays which give unparalleled, highly accurate diagnostic images that are more comfortable and considerably safer than the old film x-rays.

  • We use a specialized laser to assist with certain gum procedures, which greatly reduces any post-operative discomfort and dramatically shortens your healing time.

  • We are certified providers for External link opens in new tab or windowInvisalign, the invisible braces that can transform your smile without metal or wires.

  • We provide in-office teeth whitening using only the best, safest materials, and methods that Dr. Graves has used on himself.

  • We use the most advanced bonding systems and life-like materials to artistically enhance your smile in a single visit.

  • We use bonded resin sealants to help prevent tooth decay from ever starting in teeth that have higher risk factors for developing cavities in the future.

  • We provide a high-strength fluoride varnish for all patients, children and adults, to further strengthen teeth against bacteria and decay.